Hyundai Launches 'Live Brilliant': Its First Worldwide Ad Campaign

Would you rather live your life in a dull manner, or do you yearn to live brilliantly? South Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai is focused on drivers that prefer the latter option with its new worldwide "Live Brilliant" brand campaign. The goal of this campaign is to become the world's most beloved car company- not the largest. The campaign is part of the brand's new direction, "Modern Premium," which has a slogan of "New Thinking. New Possibilities." This direction was launched last year, but the new ad campaign will help it to realize its full potential.

The "Live Brilliant" campaign is a first for Hyundai, as the company has never had a comprehensive global ad strategy. Previous campaigns were executed regionally, but this one will be applied to all major markets through one mode of communication. To create the campaign, Hyundai looked closely at drivers' lifestyles and characteristics to better understand what they wanted and needed from their vehicles. The concept of "Brilliant" both describes how Hyundai will strive to make its customers' lives better, as well as depict short, film-style advertisements with shiny visuals like moonlight or sunshine. The advertising initiative begins with four episodes with themes of Family, Friendship, Self, and Love.

Here at Lujack Hyundai, conveniently located at 3700 N Harrison Street Davenport, IA 52806, we can't wait to see the new advertisements. Stay tuned here for updates about their appearance in national media outlets, and don't forget to check out our fantastic selection of 2012 Hyundai vehicles.

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