Hyundai Tackles Super Bowl Advertising with an Amazing Five Spots

Have you heard the expression, "Go Big. . . Or Go Home!"? Well, that's exactly what Japanese automaker Hyundai did this year with its Super Bowl ads. Hyundai had an amazing five advertisement spots this year. (Other automakers and manufacturers were satisfied with one or two 30-second spots). Of the advertisements, two were positioned during the pre-game celebrations, one was placed pre-kick, and two were aired during the game. Each witty commercial featured a distinct and unique message.

Steve Shannon, Vice President of Marketing for Hyundai America explained the reasoning behind the ads, stating, "In developing this year's in-game creative, we recognized the brand has built a strong reputation for great value, fuel economy, warranty, safety and quality - all the rational attributes for buying a vehicle. Typically, Hyundai hasn't been top-of-mind with shoppers looking for performance and modern design - attributes that inspire an emotional connection. . . However, the just-announced Veloster Turbo and restyled Genesis Coupe R-Spec supply the lineup with plenty of performance credentials for a youthful audience looking to complement great design and features with cars that are fun to drive."1

Were you able to view the Hyundai Super Bowl ads, readers? If not, here's a recap:  Some of the ads were focused on specific new vehicles, like the Hyundai Veloster (the new Turbo variant, to be specific) and the new R-Spec variant of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Other ads were less specific, (but just as memorable) like the "All For One" commercial, which features more than two-hundred actual Hyundai employees inspiring one of their own by humming "Gonna Fly Now" from  the Rocky movies. All of the Hyundai Super Bowl ads are now available for viewing on the brand's YouTube website.

If you're more interested in seeing a new Hyundai up-close than seeing the ads, be sure to stop by and see the fine folks at Lujack Hyundai, located at 3700 N Harrison Street Davenport, IA 52806.

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