Hyundai Ups Super Bowl Advertising as Other Automakers Opt Out

While some automakers and manufacturers (notably, General Motors) are avoiding Super Bowl advertising altogether this year due to rising costs (reportedly, $3.7 million for each 30-second ad spot), others are not. Take South Korean automaker Hyundai for example. The brand has profited greatly from advertising during the big game in the past, and it has plans to continue doing so for many years to come.

The brand's Marketing Vice President, Steve Shannon, explains, "The Super Bowl is a perfect venue for a brand like Hyundai. We are extremely pleased to be an advertiser on the 2013 Super Bowl. In addition to the fact that this is far and away the best-watched television program in the U.S., the social media opportunities continue to grow every year and we expect even more impact from this aspect of our advertising on the Super Bowl next year."1

Hyundai has seen exponential growth over the past few years, due, in part, to its effective advertisements. In fact, we find it rather odd that Joel Ewanick, formerly the brand's Ad Exec. (and now head of advertising at GM) would consider Super Bowl advertising to be such a waste of time with the historical results he saw for the Hyundai brand.

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