Hyundai i-oniq Concept Flows Through Geneva Auto Show

All-electric vehicles are certainly impressive, but it will take time for technology and society to catch up with all of these vehicles and their corresponding technologies (such as charging stations, for example). For now, it seems the best option is to build vehicles that rely predominately on battery power, but that also use range-extending, gasoline-powered generators to back them up. This is the approach Hyundai has taken with its new Hyundai i-oniq concept, which recently premiered at the Geneva Auto Show. This concept blends a 1.0-liter three-cylinder, generator-like engine with a 107 horsepower electric motor.

In battery mode alone, this concept can travel 75 miles, but with the back-up generator engine, its range is increased to an impressive 435 miles. As far as design goes, the i-oniq follows the brand's new "fluidic sculpture" design, though it represents its evolvement as well. The i-oniq features a softened fascia and toned-down character lines, but Hyundai's familiar hexagonal grille and steeply-raked windshield. The i-oniq is labeled as a "sports hatchback," but it looks quite a bit like a sports coupe. In short, its exterior look is very unique.

Though it has yet to be seen if the new Hyundai concept will actually make it to production, we here at Lujack Hyundai, conveniently located at 3700 N Harrison Street Davenport, IA 52806, certainly hope it does. With seriously good looks and amazing style, the i-oniq concept would be an innovative addition to the current new Hyundai lineup.

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