'Gangnam Style' Rapper PSY Shows Off Hyundai Equus

Have you heard of the famous "Gangnam Style" from rapper PSY? It's an iconic internet smash of a music video that's taking over the world with its catchy beat and unique moves. In fact, the video has surpassed 355 million views on YouTube. Now, in an effort to join forces with the video's popularity, Hyundai is having PSY endorse the Hyundai Equus sedan by posing with a picture of one and posting it on the company Facebook page.

The photo's caption reads, "We caught up with K-Pop sensation PSY blowing up the Swag-o-Meter in his mega-luxe Equus. How do you roll Gangnam Style?"1 According to Hyundai, the Equus luxury sedan actually belongs to PSY. Paired with the image is the "Equus Swag-o-Meter," which features various degrees of "swag" for vehicles, including "swervin," "tight," "swagnificient," and, at the top, "Gangnam Style." (If you're wondering, Gangnam refers to a district in Seoul, South Korea that's highly affluent. The song both embraces and satirizes this culture.

The Equus is the South Korean brand's most luxurious model. It boasts a Lexicon audio system and a i-Drive-like system similar to those available for luxury auto brands. The Equus comes at starting MSRP of $60k.

How do you roll Gangnam Style, reader? Lujack Hyundai, conveniently located at 3700 N Harrison Street Davenport, IA 52806, is here to help you find the new Hyundai model that perfectly suits your style, so stop by today for a test drive in your favorite(s)!

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