Hyundai Integrates Apple Siri Eyes Free Into New Models

Have you heard of Apple's voice-drive personal assist named Siri? Siri "speaks" on platforms such as iPod, iPads, and iPod touch to provide users with just about any information they desire. Now, innovative automaker Hyundai has announced that it will include Siri Eyes Free in its new Hyundai vehicles.

Siri Eyes Free was first announced in June when Apple released its iOs 6 system in 2012. With Hands free, the iPhone screen stays off so it doesn't distract the driver, and Siri "talks" to the driver out-loud so he/she can keep his/her eyes on the road.

The partnership with Apple's Siri Eyes Free program is only one of the few tech0driven partnerships the brand announced at CES. Other new partnerships include, according to Apple Insider:

  • "Dragon Drive: Developed by Nuance, this automotive-grade voice services platform enables drivers to speak naturally and conversationally with in-car systems for tasks such as dictating messages, searching for music, finding real-time weather and asking for directions.
  • Mobile High-Definition Link: Delivers 1080p60 uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio from a mobile device to a dashboard display, all while charging the device.
  • Next-Generation Hardware: Hyundai's new vehicles will feature the latest hardware with high-resolution multi-touch displays, Bluetooth 3.0, and Wi-Fi/3G connectivity options."1

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